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Miami Florida

Overview and Essential Travel Information

Welcome to Miami. The sunny southern city in the sunny state of Florida. Most people who haven't visited Miami, just think of Sonny Crocket and Ricardo Tubbs in a speedboat chasing some drug dealers. Be your own judge and come over to find out what Miami really is like: a melting pot of cultures, a warm and friendly city on one of the most beautiful spots in the world, a city of great architecture and the perfect starting point for exploring the rich variety of sights and things to do of Florida.

When you are in Miami one thing is sure, you will not be bored! There are too many things to see and do, museums to go to, bars & cafes to drink and relax, dancing to go dancing.


Many deeply discounted tickets to Miami plop you down in the shimmering new terminal at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. It's a great airport and there are plenty of rental car agencies, shuttle buses, taxis and limos ready to whisk you into Miami. These are more expensive, but definitely more convenient, than the two-hours'-drive by public bus. There's a regular Metrobus service between the airport and downtown Miami and Miami Beach. You can also take a Metrobus to the Greyhound station at the airport. From there Greyhound makes the 20-minute journey to the sleazy downtown station several times a day.

If you're over 25 and have a major credit card, the easiest way to get to Miami Beach, Coral Gables, or Miami, and explore it, is to rent a car. Some of the rental agencies offer an hourly rate with no minimum charges. But be prepared; driving in Miami is not a day at the beach. Watch out for lots of traffic and extremely aggressive drivers.

Metro-Dade Transit's buses and the metro cover a healthy amount of the city. The 'Omni Metro-mover' and 'Government Center Terminal' in downtown Miami are the main bus depots. Using the metro is a good way to get a cheap tour of the downtown area.

The Metrorail is a heavy rail system with one line running through downtown Miami and then connecting with Tri-Rail Metro-mover and the Metrobus at the Government Center in the southern part. Tri-Rail is a commuter rail system that runs between three counties: Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. The double-decker trains are a marvel of cleanliness and at least for the time being they're very cheap. However,longer trips take about four times longer to take Tri-Rail than to drive.
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