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Miami Museum of Science Exhibits

Stingray Sea Lab

Touch live stingrays at this new 3,000-gallon touch tank then discover what is found in Miami's amazing and diverse sea grass beds, from crabs and seahorses to the many baby fish that start their lives there. Investigate algae as these microscopic marvels convert sunlight into oxygen and food for the planet. Then at the Stingray Sealab dive in for a deeper look using the hands-on tools of science.

Moving Things

What's the most efficient way to move things from one place to another? At Moving Things, visitors will test their own brain vs. brawn in this fun hands-on exhibition focused on how things move from place to place – sometimes easily – sometimes with great effort.... but always full of surprises. Special thanks to Ryder Charitable Foundation.

Earth From Space: The Magic Planet

See our amazing planet from the perspective of an orbiting satellite! The exhibition presents rare views of events such as dust storms, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes. Central to the experience is an amazing 5-foot interactive video-globe that you control, presenting our Earth as you have never seen it before! Earth From Space: The Magic Planet was created with the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum and NOAA.

Energy Tracker

Throughout all of MiaSci is an ever-growing interconnected trail of hands-on exhibits that explore everything from basic energy principles to the future of renewable energy. The exhibition is part of MiaSci’s ongoing effort to prepare for its move to downtown Miami, where the largest exhibition will be the building itself, a three-story showcase of renewable energy technologies.

Energy Tracker was made possible through support from the US Department of Energy and the City of Miami.

Biscayne's Underwater Secrets

National Park Ranger Thomas Strom has seen all of Biscayne National Park's underwater nooks and crannies, and he has photographed most of them. In many cases, Thomas's pictures are the general public's best view of the hidden beauty that makes up Biscayne National Park.

"I am proud to share these portraits from where I work, and where I live," said Strom. "I hope that they inspire people to take a closer look at the wonders in their own back yard and hope that Biscayne's Underwater Secrets helps them see mine." On exhibition will be 23 of Thomas Strom's photographs.




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