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Miami Film-Filming

Miami film and filming is an exciting part of living and experiencing Miami. Competition in the Film Industry is fierce throughout the World, Florida and the Miami region. Florida has experienced considerable growth and certainly the Miami area is gaining noticeable and significant market share in the film and entertainment industry.

The film industry is receiving more attention, political, including tax incentives, & business support. According to FilMiami the Film & Entertainment Industry, in the Miami region, employs approximately 10,000 full and part time workers and has an annual impact of over $1 billion dollars to the local economy with permitted productions contributing more than $150 million. Recent significant announcements include.

The New York Film Academy has announced the opening of a new campus in South Beach, Florida, and referred to Miami as an inspiring environment for our film and acting students.

Miami is looking to invest significant funding to accelerate the film production industry in the region.

Miami is active in film making, film production companies & studios, cinematography, screen writing, pre-production, post production, film festivals, distribution; and actors, film directors and other film crew personnel. Miami is home to an incredible natural and man made environment for outstanding locations that include a very active Nightlife, Beaches, Action & adventure, Sunshine, Palm trees, exciting architecture including Art Deco, and more. World renowned hotels, bars, clubs and entertainment scenes are plentiful. Accomplished production crews and facilities, great pool of talent, state of the art post production facilities and creative talent and an overall very film friendly attitude and environment.

Miami hosts thousands of productions annually. Miami, The Beaches and South Beach has resident and attracts talented directors, producers, actors, stand in or by, musicians and advertising creatives flock to Miami for creative expression. Miami is fortunate to have the goal of one stop, encouraged and relatively seamless permitting.

FilMiami represents the Miami- Dade Office of Film & Entertainment and the Miami Beach Office of Film and Event Production Management. Both offices are full service film commissions providing location and logistics assistance, one-stop permitting, government liaison, production information and referral sources. FilMiami's mission is to provide service and assistance to all film, television, music, commercial production and still photography businesses to promote industry expansion and economic prosperity. FilMiami offers Production Resources will help you find helpful information such as links to local production guides where you will find local crew listings, equipment vendors, production and post-production companies and support services. In addition, you can find detailed information on Miami sound stages and studios and contact information for industry associations, local participating colleges and universities, unions and guilds and other useful links. The Miami area offers a very impressive production infrastructure and improving and growing with a very bright future.

Miami, the Beaches and South Beach offer incredible highly sought after locations. FilMiami lists over 890 locations, including beaches, ports, airports, arenas, marinas, hospitals, commercial and retail establishments, auditoriums, gardens, parks, historic sites and professional production facilities.

Typically there are hundreds of in-process productions ongoing in Miami, the Beaches, and South Beach in any given month. Including productions such as The Real Housewives of Miami and other high profile productions.

Included in advertised public notices is a listing of permits issued by the Miami-Dade County Mayors Office of Film & Entertainment, (305) 375-3288; the Miami Mayors Office of Film, Arts & Entertainment, (305) 860-3823; and the Miami Beach Office of Arts, Culture and Entertainment-Film and Print Division, (305) 673-7070.

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